I'm Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri and i work in the music field as Kaeba, Plaster and as a mastering engineer for the label Farmacia 901. I decided to involve my self in this activity with the purpose to keeping the best from each sound and giving back a good quality using an hybrid system between Analog and Digital process.

Monitors: Dynaudio Bm5 Passive / Genelec 1031A / Genelec 6010A / GHM 3" media speakers / Headphones Sony 7509
Converter AD/DA: RME ADI 2 + M-Audio Profire 610
Processors - Summing - Amplifiers: TL Audio Ebony A2 (class A tube stereo processor) / Tube Preamplifier StudioProjects VTB1 Vseries / Equalizer Klark Teknik  Dn 360 / Analog Mixer Mackie 802 - VLZ 3 / Amplifier Yamaha AX-397 (Solid State Class A ) 
Software: Cubase 4.5
Plugins: Dmg Audio EQuick, Native Instruments VC 76 (mk II), Stillwell Major Tom, Stillwell Event Horizon, Sonimus Sweetone, Sknote GTS-39, Melda Productions